Pentru ca in postul precedent spuneam ca nu ma stresez si nu imi fac griji….acum o sa vedeti si explicatia. De ce sunt asa?….sunt The Enthusiast 🙂

La Mihai am gasit testul asta si am facut rapid varianta free. Iata rezultatele mele:

Deci sunt tipul 7. Ce inseamna asta?

Type Seven : The Enthusiast (are dreptate)
The busy, productive type. Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, and practical, they can also misapply their many talents, becoming over-extended, scattered, and undisciplined. (exact) They constantly seek new and exciting experiences, but can become distracted and exhausted by staying on the go. They typically have problems with impatience and impulsiveness. At their Best: they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous, and satisfied.

Parca as fi eu :). La o privire mai deep… observ ca:

All the personality types are faced with the issue of how to “use” the world to its best advantage, although the Seven is the type which most exemplifies this universal problem. How to enjoy pleasure without living for pleasure? How to possess the good things of life without being insensitive to the needs of others? How to live in the world without getting lost in it? For better or worse, the Seven lives out these questions.

Sevens are one of the three personality types in the Thinking Triad. The nature of their potential problem begins with one of their strongest assets-their agile minds. Type Seven’s thinking is quick and mercurial, they are curious, easily stimulated, and eager for new ideas and experiences.

There is a powerful link in Sevens between their thinking and their doing. If they entertain an idea about an activity which is interesting and enjoyable to them, as soon as possible, they want to do it. (O DAAA)

Ultimately, their minds are speeding along about two steps ahead of them, and they are moving fairly quickly! They tend to spin out of control trying to realize all of their ideas, in a search for satisfying experiences and happiness.

Sevens are readily excited by the environment: they respond to stimuli strongly, throwing themselves into the world of experience with enormous vitality.( Imi place partea asta la nebunie:) )

Sevens react to everything with such immediacy-so much so that whatever they do rapidly leads to more exciting ideas and consequently, more doing (exact…lucrez pe impulsuri..asa ma motivez cel mai bine)

Experience is their guide to life. Sevens are at home among the tastes, colors, sounds, and textures of the material world. Their identities and self-esteem depend on their obtaining a steady stream of stimulating ideas and impressions. Their personality traits, their defense mechanisms, and their motivations all reflect the fact that to Sevens everything desirable exists outside of themselves in the world of things and experiences. – Am fost introspectiv si filosof …dar de mult..acum sunt prea multe frumoase in jur.

Generally speaking, they are neither profoundly introspective nor especially person-oriented. Instead, they are experience-oriented-extroverted, practical, and urbane. They feel that the world exists for their enjoyment, and that it is up to them to get what they want for themselves. (asta rezuma totul)

they learn to do many things well because the focus of their attention is on producing something in the environment. They stay busy to keep their level of stimulation high

His sense for objective facts is extraordinarily developed. His life is an accumulation of actual experiences of concrete objects….What he experiences serves at most as a guide to fresh sensations

.Sensation for him is a concrete expression of life-it is simply real life lived to the full. – Parca m-as privi in oglinda 🙂 – de-aia nu se plictiseste lumea cu mine.

No personality type is more practical or more widely accomplished than they are. Their positive, even joyous, orientation to the world produces a great deal of happiness for themselves and others.

AHAHHAH ….CUM rezolv eu problemele : Exact ca in postul precedent …Nu imi bat capul 🙂

Every time anxiety rears its head, Sevens are ready with a new adventure, a new book, a workshop they pan to attend, or an exciting new relationship. As long as they can keep their attention occupied with positive expectations, Sevens can hold their pain and anxiety at bay.


The problem is that the more Sevens fill up their minds anticipating the fun they will have in the future, the less they are in touch with whatever experience they are having in the present. Consequently, the experience they are currently having cannot really affect them, cannot really satisfy them. This is like the person who has always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt, and after much anticipation, finally embarks on a trip to see them. However, on arriving at the pyramids, the person is anticipating an exciting dinner in Cairo that night, or perhaps thinking about showing friends back home their pictures of the trip, and so “misses” seeing the pyramids. The person’s attention is elsewhere, no on the experience that they are having. Naturally, this decreases the enjoyment of the experience, leaving the Seven hungry for more.

It is as if their minds are walking two or three steps ahead of them. Sevens keep fleeing outward into the world of experience as they try to outrun the fear and hurt inside them. But the more they flee, the bigger the thrills they will need, and the harder they will be to sustain. (se pare ca o sa mor din cauza unei supradoze de experiente noi 🙂 ca dependentii de heroina)


They place few limits on themselves and do not want to deny themselves anything. If they see something they want, they must have it. If something occurs to them to do, they must do it right away. If something gives them pleasure, they want more of it immediately. Their appetites are strong, and the lengths to which they go to gratify their desires allow us to characterize Sevens as aggressive personalities.

– HAI MA CA NU SUNT AGRESIV. 🙂 ..I am just a good salesman 😛


Cred ca asta e cel mai complet si detaliat test de personalitate care l-am facut pana acum : Mai multe detalii despre Tipul meu ..Aici

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